3D Scanning, Engineering, Material Supply & Installation


Being aware of the fact, that the marine industry is constantly moving towards higher demands and standards, NAVAL – DME is ready to provide technical support to meet the clients’ requirements. Based on our experience in the field of retrofits, we have developed a flexible and adjustable process, which utilises the 3D scanning technology together with the new generation CAD. Thus, we are able to address all key aspects for a successful retrofit implementation.

Techno-economic study
The techno-economic study, a highly instrumental tool, offers the ship-owner financial and technical data analyses in a direct comparison between different systems. Consequently, a wide range of regulations and technical solutions for the system allows the client to shortlist and select the most suitable system according to the vessel’s requirements.

Techno Economic Study
Techno Economic Study

3D laser scanning and on board survey
A 3D laser scanning survey captures the space layout of a vessel and everything, that is contained within, in hundreds of thousands of points, from which a 3-dimensional point cloud is generated. Our office, optimising the project workflow and providing both specialised technicians and equipment, offers fast and precise services. During the 3DLS survey we evaluate the most ideal installation location. Once all the necessary data has been collected, a point cloud is created in order to be used in the next stages.

Feasibility Study

The feasibility study aims to configure different systems through designed 3D models. In this stage, our team creates 3D models with pipelines, foundations, routings, access ways and equipment according to the client’s selection between several manufacturers. That way, the ship-owner can see the advantages and disadvantages of the various systems and visualise, how the system could be installed, in order to make the right choice. The final design will be used for the next stage of a detailed concept design.

Detailed Engineering
The full engineering study consists of tree leading tasks, BOMs and technical details, construction drawings and electrical studies. The submission to the class is also included in the procedure and contains the updated plans/drawings, construction drawings of the foundations, electrical load analyses etc. Finally, the owner receives a technical specification with guidelines for a step-by-step successful installation.

Class Approval Process
Working with almost every classification society NAVAL – DME is able to take responsibility for the supervision of the entire class submission process up to the final approval. Our team prepares all the necessary documentation and submits it to the designated classification society.

Class Approval Process
spool drawing1
spool construction prefabrication process

Prefabrication Process
NAVAL – DME responds to the customers’ needs offering a turn-key engineering solution. This includes the full engineering study (drawings, list of materials, arrangements, etc.), the class submission, the spool’s prefabrication and transportation, as well as the technical support of our attending engineering during the installation. In an advantageous way, the expenses are reduced, the time required for assembly is mitigated and the installation process is minimised. Thereafter, the dry docking time is shortened and more cost effective.