The 1st LED Series for Marine use


Our range of LED products has been specifically designed for the harsh marine environment. With an exceptional resistance to high ambient temperatures, vibrations, saline ambient air, etc. it is the 1st Line of LED products dedicated for marine use in the world.

Our LED replacement tubes are made with a robust aluminium heat sink ensuring they can withstand high temperatures and vibrations in contrast with famous brandnames for land – based use, while at the same time they are equipped with double drivers for extended lifetime.

Our Flood Lights come in various versions ex-proof and non ex-proof fitted with thick SS316 brackets, in order to achieve a sturdy and durable connection. Moreover they are produced with high mechanical strength and they are designed with corrosion resistant housings.

The Naval DME LED Lights are produced on a case by case basis to meet the high standards of your vessels. We offer a detailed survey by our experienced team of Electrical Engineers to catalogue all the light sources on the vessel, to check the performance and the replacement needs, and to finally supervise the completion of the retrofit project.