As of January 1st 2020, the IMO 0.5% Sulphur emission cap has been implemented on a global basis, a move that impacts the operational profile of the majority of the global fleet. NAVAL-DME offers a comprehensive consulting and design service concerning compliance with the new regulations, covering the full range of options, as well as design and operational issues to be considered. The retrofit package includes:


  • Techno economic study discussing and comparing different options for compliance, detailing initial and operational costs for each option, as well as foreseeable hazards during subsequent operation.
  • Guidance on operational changes, e.g. use of lubricants and bunkering processes.
  • Guidance on the creation and completion of a Ship Implementation Plan, as advised by IMO.
  • Feasibility studies on the implementation of alternative fuel type solutions (LNG, Methanol etc.)
  • Detail information based on makers spec for the upgrade of main engines, auxiliary boiler and other fuel equipment.


  • Tank segregation, fuel processing and delivery system including installation of air vents, sensors and all relevant equipment.

Strong consideration should be given to tank segregation as well to fuel transfer system, in order to avoid mixing of fuels with different grade or same grade but from different bunkering locations. Also the fuel delivery system must be arranged to provide minimum cross contamination.

  • Fuel delivery system overhauling, including redesigning of filter, separator and viscosity controlling systems.
  • Scrubber retrofits.
  • Dual fuel engines retrofits.